Deist Church

United Deist Church

United Deist Church was founded in 2009 as a Deist church in the United States, with its headquarters is located in the city of Fort Worth, Texas.

The United Church holds special values for everyone across the world and every nation including people who want to know more about their Creator.

The primary objective of this Deistic organization is to enlighten everyone regarding God so that one can reach spiritual fulfillment and lead a peaceful and happy life through a moral & ethical way of living.

This church emphasizes educating each individual about nature’s God, thereby encouraging him/her to be good citizens of Earth by conducting themselves according to universal divine principles laid down by God Almighty. The United Church has been doing charity work since its foundation on many charitable projects both locally as well as internationally.

The United Deist Church is a part of the international association of Deistic churches and believes in spreading the message of God through charitable work done for humanity. The United church conducts regular & special prayers and service programs to spread the message of our Creator across the world. It offers services including bible study, prayer meetings, Sunday worship services, wedding ceremonies, baptisms, ministers ordinations & christening to all individuals from not the only USA but also people all across the globe.

This church tries its best to deliver sermons in the English language that everyone can understand easily irrespective of their countries or culture & creed. However, it provides sermons/prayers written in other languages also like Spanish, Chinese, etc. for those who want their sermons in prayers to be conducted in different languages.

The United Deistic Church also conducts seminar meetings & conferences regularly for its members and non-members, wherein experts are invited from the field of medicine, psychology, and many other fields so that everyone can learn something new about God and His creation.

The united church welcomes people from all backgrounds whether he/she is from any organized religion or not. All we ask our visitors to do is just stay positive & be happy at every moment of life because life itself is a gift from our Creator.

What is a deist?

A united deist is someone who believes in a supernatural creator or ‘god’. This means that this creator must have started the creation and then periodically interfered with it. A deist does not believe in any of the other religions, including Christianity. A united deist does not believe that Jesus died on a cross to atone for our sins, nor does he/she believe in angels, demons, or ghosts.