Is BlueSnap a Good Platform For Your Business?

Reasons BlueSnap Is A Great Platform

BlueSnap is one of the most popular payment processing platforms on the internet. They provide their clients with a wide variety of services, including credit card processing and merchant accounts. However, it is important to know if BlueSnap’s services are right for your business before signing up for an account.

Do you need a merchant account? If your business is selling goods or services on the internet (e.g., Amazon), then BlueSnap may not be sufficient for your needs because they do not offer merchant accounts to clients. However, if you have an ecommerce website and are already using PayPal as your payment processing service, BlueSnap can help by providing credit card acceptance capabilities so that customers don’t have to enter their information every time they want to make a purchase online.

Do you need a personal credit card? BlueSnap offers business loans but does not provide any services that allow for the creation of individual, personal credit cards. If this is something your company needs, look into other options before signing up with BlueSnap.


Do you want to take international payments? In the event that your customers are located around the world and you would like to process their transactions in USD without dealing with currency conversion issues or inputting bank account information from foreign banks on an ongoing basis, then using BlueSnap as your payment processing platform may be ideal for your company’s needs. They offer companies access to over 130 currencies at competitive rates while saving them time through automation of cross-border banking processes such as wire transfers, currency conversion, and more.

Do you want to customize your website? If you are looking for a company that will provide customization of your online business through their software, then BlueSnap may not be the platform for you. However, if this isn’t something you need right now but could use in the future (e.g., adding an option to offer customers gift cards), it is possible they can accommodate these changes when necessary without extra cost or hassle on behalf of your team by updating their API as needed. This also makes them ideal for ecommerce websites because all transactions occur within one application instead of using multiple third-party systems like PayPal and QuickBooks.

Is BlueSnap a Good Platform For Your Business?
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