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Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving

Don’t Do This When Moving

Moving can be a stressful and challenging process. It’s best to make sure you don’t make these 10 common mistakes when moving:

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Don’t pack too much, plan what items are going in which boxes or bins ahead of time so that you can easily find the items you need

Don’t leave anything valuable behind, this includes but is not limited to electronics and other appliances. Make a complete list of all valuables that are in your home before moving day so you can easily identify them when packing (if they get stolen it will be much easier to prove). If possible keep an inventory file on any expensive items for future reference if needed. Also, make sure insurance covers these items as well!

Avoid living out of boxes or bags for too long after the move, especially if children live at home; pack up everything and then immediately put things away once unpacked unless absolutely necessary

Make sure pets have food and water available upon arrival, many people underestimate stressful moving can be for their animals and they do not understand the sudden change in the environment can be too much for them.

Find Local Movers In Saint Peters

Be sure to clean out your refrigerator and freezer before the big day; this will prevent spoilage when you’re living on a tight schedule during moving day. Also, call utility companies as soon as possible to cancel service if necessary – don’t wait until move-in day!

Prompt all friends, family members, and neighbors that help is needed with moving/packing/unpacking; spread word of mouth via Facebook or other social media sites

Do not hire independent movers who do not have an established business (such as Craigslist); these people are usually inexperienced and may damage property or steal items while at your home

Also beware of shady scammers who try to get personal information, such as social security numbers or banking information in order for them to make fraudulent withdrawals from your accounts.

Avoid making any big decisions immediately after the move; living out of boxes and bags can be extremely hectic and it is best to take some time away from packing up before you decide on anything permanent

Make sure all pets have their tags updated with current contact information in case they get lost during the transition period into a new home. It’s also recommended that pets receive identification microchips so they are easily identified should this happen! All pet owners should always check local ordinances concerning pets within apartment communities prior to moving day.