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Find the Right Medicare Plan for You: Comparison Guide

Medicare Plans – Which is the Best One For You?

Choosing the right Medicare plan for you can be a difficult decision, but not when there is Lindsay Malzone to help you. There are so many to choose from, and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some plans may be a better fit depending on your specific health care needs. Medicare has five main types of plans: Original Medicare, Part A and B; Medigap, also called “Med Supps”; Advantage Plans (also known as Private Fee-for-Service); Special Needs Plans for people with particular conditions or illnesses, including HIV/AIDS; and Medicaid coverage in states that have expanded the program to include low-income seniors.

Which one is best, depends on your circumstances. For example, if you have a Medigap plan, then Original Medicare and Part A and B won’t cover your full medical bills.

Lindsay Malzone

Another factor to consider is if your spouse works or not. If he does, it might be better for the two of you to go with an Advantage Plan so that one of many can stay at home when they get older. And if neither work outside of the house then it may make sense for both spouses to sign onto a Special Needs Plan which covers more than just medical care but also includes things like vision coverage as well as dental benefits. This way each person has their own independent plan without having to navigate choices about who gets what type of coverage on his/her own.

In some cases, couples will want different plans. If one person is healthy and the other has a chronic illness then it may make sense to choose plans that offer different coverage options for each, like Part A and B vs Advantage Plan.

When deciding on which Medicare plan might be best for you or your spouse there are several things you should consider: if either of you works outside of the house; whether he/she currently has any pre-existing conditions and what those conditions are; how much money do you have in savings?